01.3 - issues a cleaning company should avoid

6 Errors That A Commercial Cleaning Company Should Not Do

Risking the Success of Your Marketing

Avoid working nonstop and failing to advertise the cleaning services you offer to clients. It would be tough for you to expand your business if you overlook your marketing.

Create a website for your company. Make sure your website looks professional because the majority of your consumers will find you online. Make sure you have a contact page on your website so that visitors can simply reach you.

Activate social media. Visits to chat rooms are time well spent. If someone likes and trusts you, their likelihood of becoming your customer rises considerably.

Get a mailing list going. The most crucial asset for any company may be your clientele. These are the people who have expressed interest in hiring you already. You can continue to directly market to them by getting their email addresses.

Ignoring the Output

How can you determine whether your work is of a high standard? You may do this quickly by asking your clients to take surveys once each contract is completed. No need to get very technical.

Never assign a number between one and ten to anything. They all have different conceptions of what a ten is, so that would be complicated.

Ask them a few straightforward questions instead to figure out where you stand. In what proportion did our window cleaning services meet your expectations? What aspects of our cleaning company could we strengthen? What aspects of our cleaning company should we improve to better market our services? both worthwhile questions to think about.

Not Setting Priorities

You are probably working more hours than is necessary if you spend a lot of time on administrative activities. Automation is simple thanks to modern technologies. Give your team members the option of mobile check-in and check-out by using scheduling software. A timeclock and timesheets are not required.

Automation of payroll is simple. Because the software will take care of the recordkeeping, you can keep an eye on labor costs.

With fleet monitoring software, you can keep an eye on all corporate vehicles. Use software that enables consumers to schedule appointments and handle their own bill payments. Your work will be much more streamlined.

Miscommunication Between You and the Client

Customer needs must be taken into account. You can never know enough about your target market, thus it is crucial to describe it in detail.

Ask some inquiries to the folks who work for you. Take a look at the employers of your rivals. It will be simpler to promote your services the more knowledge you have

Simply approaching a building’s owner is insufficient.

What sort of company are they? Do they typically have customers? Are they a recently started company or recently established one? What type of budget do they have for cleaning?

Influence of knowledge. To increase your chances of success, find out as much as you can about your target market.

Relationships Being Ignored

It costs money to acquire new clients, therefore you should make every effort to keep them around for as long as possible. Additionally, keeping current clients is far simpler than finding new ones. If you work for a franchised household cleaning business or a commercial cleaning agency, for instance, you might be able to keep your clients by putting into place a few small, manageable changes to your procedure.

Always return calls and emails as soon as you can. They don’t like it when you spend too much time by yourself with a consumer because it makes you appear careless. Aim to respond to customer questions within a day. They will value your prompt communication with them and respect you more as a result.

Always arrive on time. This demonstrates your dependability and commitment to keeping your word. Your clients hire you to clean for them so they don’t have to. Gain their trust by ensuring they have nothing to worry about.

Continuing to Pay Inactive Employees

Making sure everyone gets along is a key component of team management. You might have to fire a team member if their negative attitude significantly impacts the other team members. Whether they are effective workers or not is irrelevant. Your top focus must be the success of your company, which necessitates having a cohesive team.

On the other hand, you can have a worker who performs tasks slowly or ineffectively. Just because someone has wonderful character doesn’t mean you have to hire them.

Whether they work full- or part-time shifts, crew members must devote the necessary training time to mastering their jobs. Identify the ideal orientation period for a new employee. You must let them leave if it takes too long for them to get along with the other members of the team.

As a small business owner, you must act in the interests of the community, even when it could be challenging.

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